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Vision and Values


Everwell’s Vision and Values

At Everwell, our vision is to be a leading and trusted Occupational Health provider of choice and to be known for Making a Difference.  By Making a Differencewe offer a value adding trusted and reliable service which is delivered with a personal touch. Our clients and their employees can expect a positive experience and expert advice when they interact with us.

It’s our mission to provide the very best Occupational Health advice for you, our clients, and to deliver a timely and appropriate Occupational Health service which strives to maximise and improve the health and well-being of employees in the workplace.

Our Values underpin everything we do, helping us set our business direction and to shape the way we do things. At Everwell, everything we do is consistent with our Values, giving our clients, their employees and our stakeholders confidence about how we operate.

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Everwell Occupational Health LTD

We have clearly defined a set of Values, which are:

  • To be Respectful

We will be respectful of each other and our clients by truly listening to other views, treating people fairly and being supportive. We will always be upfront, candid and act with good intent.

  • To be Giving

We will give our time, attention and respect. We will put our staff and clients first and act professionally. We do this because it is the right thing to do.

  • To be Ethical

We will always act ethically with honesty, transparency & integrity.

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Open Door Policy

If at any time we don t get it right for you as a client, we want you to tell us. We have an open-door policy, and we’ll work closely with you to put things right and make you feel that we stand by our words and truly make a difference for you.