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Occupational Health Assessments

One of our Occupational Health Clinicians can assess, evaluate and advise upon your employee's fitness to attend and perform at work safely.


Everwell Occupational Health LTD

Everwell began in 1994 and has since grown out of the NW, to now providing serves to over 1,000 clients across the UK.


Health Screenings

Fitness To Work Medicals - We offer a full range of Medicals for your employees as part of our on-site services.


Everwell Occupational Health UK

Everwell are Nationwide providers of flexible Occupational Health Services, Health Surveillance, Occupational Health Assessments and Medicals across the UK. We provide convenient workplace, remote and off-site (face-to-face) services to all types of organisations from SMEs to large single & multiple site operations, for both private and public bodies.

Occupational Health Assessment

Everwell can arrange an Occupational Health Assessment or examination with a subsequent management report for your employees throughout the UK.

Make A Difference

Our mission is to “Make a Difference” and help our clients achieve maximum staff productivity and minimise their costs by maintaining the health and well-being of their employees. We look to eliminate and prevent any work related causes of ill-health, to help make the workplace a safe environment and to facilitate the quick and safe return to work of any employees who have been off work through sickness absence.

About Us

Our internal goal is to achieve a steady year-on-year growth which allows us to maintain our excellent customer service levels.

Our Clinics

In additional to our extensive UK-wide doctor network, Everwell operates our own direct OH clinics.

Our Team

We have a fantastic central team of dedicated staff who, between them, have many years of direct experience.

Contact Us

Do feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements and see how easy it is to arrange a flexible quality Occupational Health Assessment.

Regulations & Guidelines

All Everwell Occupational Health services, health surveillance and medicals are, naturally, compliant with the latest HSE, COSHH and other statutory regulations and guidelines. Everwell operates across all the main industrial sectors from extraction/mining through manufacturing & processing to distribution. We also look after the workplace occupational health requirements for many other diverse clients including those companies & organisations involved in office based activities, automotive sector, bodyshops, educational establishments, IT, UK charities, construction, food preparation & more.

Flexibility across the UK

Everwell is a very flexible independent Occupational Health Provider, offering bespoke and tailored services for your organisation. Everwell’s Northwest head office is based in Cheshire just south of Manchester.  We have a number of direct clinics across the UK and also run an extensive nationwide network of Occupational Health Nurse Advisors and Physicians that can deliver a full range of Health Surveillance, Sickness Absence Management and Medicals in any part of the UK.

We have a very responsive service that can arrange Occupational Health Assessments across the UK on a single one-off basis or as part of a larger contract.  We can match our delivery to your requirements and we currently complete  over 100 consultations per week throughout the UK through a combination of Occupational Health Physician or Nurse Advisor telephone and face-to-face appointments.

A Professional No-Nonsense Service

Our strategy is to keep everything simple (deliver what you need when you need it), maintain a low cost base, employ the best professional Occupational Health Specialists to work closely with HR & Line Management and, above all, deliver a first class value for money service.

Whether you require a full-time comprehensive workplace based OH Service, a single sickness absence referral or a company wide Occupational Health Assessment service contact us today for more information on how we could help you and become your Occupational Health Provider of choice.