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Ill Health Retirement Assessments


Ill Health Retirement Assessments

Everwell complete Ill Health Retirement (IHR) medical assessments for a wide range of different schemes and therefore should be able to support you.

Our process is necessarily robust and thorough as IHR applications are, unfortunately, frequently prone to appeals and even complaints because when an individual’s application has been turned down, they are understandably disappointed and will look to question every aspect of the process.

It is our experience that many applications are turned down by the Pension Trustees and this is often because the application has been made too early or without due consideration. There are a few things that need prior consideration and thought before an application is made. Applications can fail because:

  1. Not all reasonable workplace adjustments have been investigated.
    • So how can you (employer) evidence this? Is there a recent Occupational Health Assessment report supporting that all reasonable adjustments have been considered?
  2. Not all reasonable medical treatments/interventions have been fully explored.
    • You may not actually know this type of information but often employers do know some or even a lot of the relevant health background. So, for example, if you know the person is due an operation/further treatment and there is a real prospect of them improving, then making an application before this has been completed may be premature.
  3. The individual can do some other type of work.
    • This is very scheme dependent but often if the individual could be redeployed or even do an entirely different job then this may mean that they do not qualify for early IHR.

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If any of the above apply and you think that an IHR assessment may not be appropriate at this moment and then we can support with a standard Occupational Health Assessment. Otherwise please feel free to contact us and explore further how we can help you with your IHR case(s).

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