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Occupational Health for SMEs


Occupational Health for SMEs

Everwell does not just support larger companies, we do also have a dedicated team supporting SME clients employing anything from 5-1000 workers. Everwell supports over 500 such SME clients across the UK from a wide variety of industries. Each and every one of those clients has slightly different environments, exposures, processes, sickness absence procedures, etc…. We support all these clients with a combination of local Face-to-face Assessments, on-line health questionnaire screening, telephone support and with ancillary services such as counselling.

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Sickness Absence Support

Everwell can provide adhoc or scheduled sickness absence support to help you minimise the disruption caused by absent employees. With our help you can get employees back to work quicker and safely and help keep them in the workplace. Or for those employees with longer term health problems who will not be return in the short-term, we can help give you the knowledge to confidently plan the way forward.

Our sickness absent support can be provided on an adhoc or regular basis either remotely or in the workplace. The service can be based upon one or all of the following:

  • Telephone consultations
  • Regular Workplace Occupational Health clinics
  • Off-site Management referrals to an Occupational Health Physician.

(see Occupational Health Assessments for more details)

Occupational Health Assessments

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Call us today on 01270 767880 or email on to discuss setting up a SME Occupational Health Service.