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What is an Occupational Health Assessment?


Occupational Health Assessments

An Occupational Health Assessment (sickness absence referral, management referral or occupational health return to work assessment) is an independent evaluation conducted by qualified occupational health clinician (OH Physician or OH Nurse Advisor) of an employee to assess, evaluate and advise upon their fitness to attend and perform at work safely.

Normally, the assessment is not meant for diagnostic reasons nor to produce a treatment plan but rather to provide an expert medical opinion to management (& employee) on future expectations on how the health issue can be best managed within the workplace.

The report (if appropriate) would highlight potential adjustments to be considered that could have a positive effect upon the workplace situation. It would cover the effects of work on the employee’s health and similarly the effects of the employee’s health on their ability to work safely and productively.

The Occupational Health Assessment process:

In short, the general idea is to positively inform the debate between the employee and the employer on how best to deal the employee’s health issue going forward.