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Occupational Health


Occupational Health in the Workplace

Everwell can offer guidance and delivery all normal statutory type health surveillance, performance fitness for role medicals, support sickness absence management and help promote employee well-being; in short we can provide a comprehensive workplace occupational health service.

For employers with larger numbers of employees on any one site and where there is an underlying demand then Everwell would recommend you consider establishing a regular scheduled on-site Occupational Health service.

We believe this can be the core element for establishing an effective value adding Occupational Health Service. Once established it is incredibly easy to tailor and flex to match your changing priorities and can include any combination of typical activities, namely:

Various Types of On Site Cover

In most cases, the on-site service would be delivered by an Occupational Health Nurse Advisor(s) supported centrally by Everwell or by occasional visits from an Occupational Health Physician. Such a service could range from full-time cover to 1 day per week/month/quarter.

Everwell would be happy to discuss your requirements and offer advice on how we could tailor an on-site service to suite you. Please contact us today on 01270 767880 or

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