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Counsellors & EAP Services


Counsellors & EAP Services

Everwell can arrange counselling across the UK on an ad-hoc basis and/or access to a full Employee Assistance Programme (EAP).

In terms of occasional use of counsellors, Everwell will arrange local face-to-face sessions with BACP approved counsellors on a case-by-case basis. This will allow you to quickly support your staff when required rather than having to wait weeks if not months for NHS support to start and thus hopefully resolve help the situation promptly and get your employee back to work sooner.

We operate a number of different processes for making referrals for counselling so please feel free to speak with us to discuss how we can best help you.

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EAP Service

Our principal objective in relation to EAP provision is to help manage stress-related issues for our clients’ employees and thus support HR and other managers in the effective management of stress and in turn help to minimise related sickness and absence. When promoted and used by staff, the counselling referral services both can firstly prevent stress-related absence and be an effective HR resource in supporting early return to work for employees presenting with a variety of mental health challenges.

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Key Features of Everwell’s EAP Services

  • Free-phone (0800 number),
  • 24/7 access to Counselling Helpline Centre,
  • Comprehensive “citizens advice bureau style” advice, information and sign-posting,
  • Specialist debt advice and counselling,
  • Telephone legal advice and sign-posting
  • Telephone counselling – up to 6 sessions, 24/7, (6 sessions in total – including initial assessment) as per clinical assessment, per employee, per issue, per annum).
  • Telephone clinical assessments and sign-posting advice,
  • Face-to-face counselling – up to 6 sessions (6 sessions in total – including initial assessment) as per clinical assessment, per employee, per issue, per annum),
  • Counselling provided at local and high quality BACP approved premises,
  • Provision of on-site counselling, as required by managers, (additional option, invoiced separately),
  • Specialist provision of addictive behaviours counselling, advice and on-ward referral,
  • Critical incident rapid response service and specialist PTSD face to face counselling, (additional option, invoiced separately),
  • Emergency appointments – 24/7 capability and procedure,
  • Clinical governance, minimum of BACP standards, secure case management,
  • Extensive local network of BACP accredited counsellors,
  • Promotion of positive emotional health and well being,
  • Comprehensive launch communication programme,
  • Launch briefing presentation for managers (additional option, invoiced separately),
  • Leaflets for all employees – including detachable high quality credit-card style plastic membership cards,
  • Posters for all notice-boards,
  • E-material for intranet use,
  • Employee Assistance On-line information and sign-posting employee website,
  • Detailed EAP usage statistical management reporting.
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