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Management Referrals


Management Referrals Great Sankey

Here at Everwell Occupational Health, we specialise in management referrals at our clinic in Great Sankey. We are an incredibly flexible, independent provider of Occupational Health services that are tailored to a wide range of businesses and organisations. Our services are incredibly responsive, and whether you require a full-time, comprehensive Occupational Health service, or a single referral, we offer something for everyone.

For more information about our management referrals in Great Sankey, call Everwell Occupational Health on: 01270 767880.

What Is A Management Referral?

If managers have concerns about the health or performance of an employee, then an Occupational Health advisor may be required to offer some advice. A management referral should be considered when an employee has had a long-term absence lasting more than 4 weeks, altered behaviour at work, or frequent work-related absences.

At Everwell Occupational Health, we can help you arrange a management referral at one of our clinics in Great Sankey. We have an extremely dedicated team of Nurse Advisors and Doctors who are always on hand to conduct an assessment that can be carried out at work, over the telephone/video consultation, or at our clinic in Great Sankey.

Find out how to make a management referral here.

Professional Occupational Health

At Everwell Occupational Health, we are dedicated to helping clients maintain the health and well-being of their employees. We seek to eliminate any work-related illnesses, make the workplace a safer environment and assist in a smooth return to work. Our experts offer a wide range of services to clients in Great Sankey, including:

Management referrals enable managers to understand what their employee can or can’t do. A management referral can really help an employee as they have the opportunity to speak to another health professional and ask for advice. They also help employers how to appropriately deal with a situation. All businesses have a duty of care for their employees, so ensuring you have a reliable Occupational Health service available is important. As members of COHPA, we work all over the country to provide the best Occupational Health services to businesses.

For Management Referrals In Great Sankey

For more information about our management referrals in Great Sankey, don’t hesitate to contact us at Everwell Occupational Health. We work closely with you to deal with issues effectively. To make an enquiry, call us today on 01270 767880 or email: