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Ill Health Retirement


Ill Health Retirement Penketh

If you are disabled or have a chronic health condition, your employee must make reasonable adjustments so you can still work. However, if an employee’s health has deteriorated to the point that they are permanently unable to do their job, and they are a member of a relevant pension scheme, they may be able to apply for an ill health retirement. Everwell Occupational Health in Penketh offers fully comprehensive Ill Health Retirement Assessments (IHR) for a variety of different pension schemes, so we are guaranteed to always be able to offer support.

For more information about our Ill Health Retirement Assessments in Penketh, call us on: 01270 767880.

Why Employees Need To Be Assessed

Each pension scheme will have medical criteria that an employee must meet to obtain their pension on the grounds of ill health. In order to assess your employee, we need to understand which scheme they are under and its medical criteria. The pensions office will complete paperwork and send it to us with your employee’s consent.

Once we receive the appropriate paperwork, our Occupational Health professionals in Penketh will arrange an appointment where an assessment will be carried out. Our Ill Health Retirement applications are very thorough and robust, however not all applications are successful.

Take a look here at why an application may be unsuccessful.

Reliable Occupational Health Professionals

The team at Everwell Occupational Health is dedicated to providing a comprehensive Occupational Health Service to clients in Penketh. We are one of the most flexible providers, and our mission is to help you take care of your employees. As members of COHPA, Everwell Occupational Health aims to provide the very best, comprehensive services to businesses, so you and your employees are fully satisfied. Everwell Occupational Health offers a wide range of other services in Penketh, including:

The whole process of an IHR Assessment could take weeks or even months before a decision is made. Any decisions will be made in accordance with the pension scheme rules and must be supported by medical evidence.

For Ill Health Retirement Assessments In Penketh

For more information about our Ill Health Retirement Assessments in Penketh, get in touch with Everwell Occupational Health. We always do our very best to help you and your employees. Call us today on 01270 767880 or email: