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Driver Medicals


Forklift Driver and Plant Operator Medicals

Everwell Occupational Health offers a UK wide on-site service for completing fork-lift driver medicals or plant operator medicals. As with all Everwell’s other Health Surveillance and Medical Screening services, our fork-lift driver medical service is very convenient, simple to engage and causes minimal disruption with a basic medical review taking only 30 – 40 minutes per employee.

On-site, we only need the use of a convenient room near to the workforce and then our Occupational Health Nurse will simply work through your fork-lift drivers or plant operators and in whatever order or timetable that suits production.

As we conduct each driver medical, we will explain the results to the employee and give health advice as appropriate.

At the end of the day the Occupational Health Advisor will give a quick debrief to the Manager on that’s days driver medicals and a few days later Everwell will issue a summarised Management report for your records. We retain all driver medical records confidentially and as dictated by the appropriate regulations. Having previous records also allows us to make comparisons, on subsequent visits, to detect any early signs of any abnormal deterioration in health and therefore we will be a position to help tackle any issues before they become a more serious problem.

Typical Criteria / Requirements

The service is compliant with the statutory requirements as suggested by the HSE or more specifically the medicals are based around conforming to the HSE guidance laid out in the HSE document ‘Safety in working with lift trucks(HSG6)‘.

Similar medicals can also be conducted based upon ‘working at height’ medical criteria.